Geometric Dressing Pourers

Geometric Dressing Pourers

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A hand-thrown oil/ dressing pourer to use while you enjoy your favorite vinaigrette, olive oil or dressing. 

This 10-11 oz pourer features a beautiful glaze combo and comes with a pouring spout and cork.

Care Instructions:

Each unique piece of hand-thrown stoneware is made using food safe glazes and materials. They are created to be used, and there are a few best practices to help ensure that your pottery has a long life:

  • Stoneware is durable and microwave/ dishwasher safe. Top rack only.
  • If you hand wash your pottery, use soap and warm water with a soft sponge (no steel wool).
  • Avoid putting your pottery through large temperature swings (taking a piece out of the freezer and throwing it directly in the microwave can cause breakage).

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